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1 – Pre-mixed Soil         2 – Stones (Black / White)        3 – Moss            4 – Husk
5 – Spade (Narrow)       6 – Spade (Wide)                       7 – Rake             8 – Allen Key

1 – Pre-mixed Soil         2 – Stones (Black / White)
3 – Moss                         4 – Husk
5 – Spade (Narrow)      6 – Spade (Wide)
7 – Rake                         8 – Allen Key


STEP 1: Prepare the succulents plants for potting. Give the succulent container a light squeeze to loosen the soil. This will aid in plant extraction.

STEP 2: Remove the succulent plants from their containers. Hold the succulents gently and pull them out.

STEP 3: Loosen the soil a little from the bottom up to enable easy placement of plants into the terrarium.

STEP 4: Remove unwanted dried or unhealthy leaves from the bottom layer of the succulents.

STEP 5: Fill the planter up with some soil.

STEP 6: Position the succulent plants into the planter in your preferred arrangement.

STEP 6: Add more soil. Compress the soil with the allen key to hold the succulents in place.

STEP 7: Add decorative items in the following sequence (moss, husk, stones)

CONGRATULATIONS! You have just created your very own plant terrarium!


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